Greenhouse Space Request

*Please note that submitting a request for greenhouse space may not result in a prompt reservation. The availability of space is dependent on what is not currently in use by other researchers.

Project Requirements
Required for Schuyler, Alpine and NSF research greenhouses.
Waiver of bench fees is more likely when researchers have demonstrated a serious attempt to secure funding to cover bench fees. If applicable, please list the entities to which you applied for funding for greenhouse space, dates on which you applied, and dates on which your applications were denied. The Greenhouse Oversight Committee will take this information into account when considering your petition. Please also indicate if you would like to discuss compensation via supply donation or greenhouse work.
Please provide range in degrees Fahrenheit.
Please contact manager if you have any questions.
i.e., programmed irrigation, D.I. water, desired greenhouse materials, etc.
By clicking Yes, I acknowledge my obligation to follow the policies pertaining to my use of the biology greenhouse facility as expressed in the Greenhouse Resources and Protocols. I understand that failing to do so can result in damage to my research, damage to research conducted by others, and/or damage to physical components of the UCSB Biology Greenhouse facility, and that such a failure may impact my future use of the facility.