Alpine Research Greenhouse

Alpine Research Greenhouse

The Alpine Greenhouse is a 700 square-foot research facility.


Location: Building 442, Room 1201

This greenhouse is currently undergoing improvements. Thank you for your patience.

One aluminum-framed greenhouse with seven chilling-bench compartments; sink; supplemental LED grow-lights; three types of water (city, DI, and fertilizer-enriched); automated DI drip irrigation capabilities; automated climate controls (four-step cooling, three-step heating, shade/energy cloth with 54% opacity).

Entrance: Vestibule
Sensors: Internal and chilling bench temperatures, humidity, PAR
Chilling Bench Dimensions:

  1. = 8' x 3.5' (2.4m x 1.1m)
  2. = 12' x 3.5' (3.7m x 1.1m)
  3. = 8’ x 3.5’ (2.4m x 1.1m)
  4. = 12' x 3.5' (3.7m x 1.1m)
  5. = 12’ x 3.5’ (3.7m x 1.1m) - Operates at 40° F (4.4° C) or higher
  6. = 20’ x 3.5’ (6.1m x 1.1m)
  7. = 20’ x 3.5’ (6.1m x 1.1m)


Greenhouse Manager

 Space Requests

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 Monthly Rates

Greenhouse Outdoor Space: $0.40/sqft*

Greenhouse Indoor Bench Space, full service: $0.50/sqft*

Greenhouse Indoor Bench Space, no soil: $0.40/sqft*

*Minimum monthly charge of $5.