Biology Greenhouse frequently asked questions.

I'm a UCSB student. How can I get involved at the Greenhouse?

Fantastic question! There are three ways for Gauchos to gain experience at the Greenhouse:

  1. By enrolling in the quarterly-offered, for-credit Horticulture Internship (GPA of 2.5 required)
  2. By applying to work as a work-study greenhouse assistant
  3. By volunteering at least one hour each week

So you want to know more? Check out the "Documents" section under the "Resources" tab for more information!

What if I don’t have funding for the recharge rate?
  1. Consider staging your research in the wooden greenhouse or in the courtyard for a reduced fee ($0.10/square foot a month).
  2. If neither of these are workable alternatives, indicate your funding limitation in your Greenhouse Space Request. Your request to occupy the new greenhouses at no cost will be forwarded to the Greenhouse Oversight Committee for consideration.
Who is on the Greenhouse Oversight Committee?

The following faculty members serve on the Greenhouse Oversight Committee:

How should I acknowledge the Greenhouse in my research publications?

If a publication results from research conducted in the Alpine, Schuyler, or Research Greenhouses, authors are encouraged to acknowledge the generous support for the construction of these greenhouses and, if applicable, the provision of LED grow lights. Example citations follow.

  1. Schuyler Greenhouse: The authors gratefully acknowledge use of the Schuyler Greenhouse at the University of California-Santa Barbara, whose construction was funded by Dr. A.H. (Barry) and Jeanne Schuyler and NSF Grant OIA-0963547.
  2. Alpine and Research Greenhouses: The authors gratefully acknowledge use of the Alpine or Research Greenhouse at the University of California-Santa Barbara, whose construction was funded by NSF Grant OIA-0963547.
  3. LED grow light use: The authors gratefully acknowledge use of LED grow lights at the University of California-Santa Barbara Biology Greenhouse, whose acquisition was enabled by the UCSB student-funded "The Green Initiative Fund" and NSF Grant OIA-0963547.
How can I support the Biology Greenhouse?

Thank you for asking! The Biology Greenhouse welcomes donations of plant materials, potting materials, funding, and time (in the form of intern visits and learning opportunities with horticultural experts). Please see the main page for examples of previous donations.

The Greenhouse Manager looks forward to hearing from you!

What if I want to visit the Greenhouse?

The UCSB Biology Greenhouse welcomes student groups for pre-arranged tours. Please contact the Greenhouse Manager for more information.

The general public is invited to attend special events as advertised. Otherwise, the Greenhouse is accessible for purposes of UCSB-affiliated research and instruction. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your interest in visiting the Greenhouse!

How do I receive permission to use greenhouse space?

If you wish to conduct greenhouse-based research under the purview of a UCSB faculty member, please submit a request using the online “Greenhouse Space Request” form.

What resources are available to greenhouse users?

Below is a brief summary of resources available for greenhouse research. Please refer to the “Resources and Protocols for Greenhouse Users” document under the “Resources” tab for more information.

  • Plastic pots and trays-in varying sizes, as supplies allow. Please note that these items may require cleaning prior to use.
  • New plastic tags-as supplies allow.
  • Access to the Greenhouse Apogee MQ-200 Quantum Flux Meter.
    • This meter can be borrowed for short periods by the project PI through the Greenhouse Space Request Form with provision of a 4-digit EEMB recharge code. The primary borrower is financially responsible for any and all damage to or loss of the meter. It is never to be taken off the Greenhouse premises.
  • Potting mix components-as supplies allow:
    • Sunshine #4 potting mix
    • Perlite
    • Vermiculite
    • Sharp, washed sand
    • Peat or coconut coir

*Other potting mix components are for the teaching collection only.

If you plan to use greenhouse supplies, please contact the greenhouse manager to determine whether existing supply levels will meet your needs.

Recharge Questions

What the recharge rate is

A monthly fee of $0.20/square foot for use of the Alpine, Schuyler, and NSF research greenhouses and $0.10/square foot a month for the outdoor and old greenhouse space ($5 minimum). This rate is assessed for all space occupied by user materials.

What the rate covers

Use of the research greenhouses. Moving components within these greenhouses require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate as they should. The recharge rate supports this maintenance, as well as the replacement of greenhouse supplies used by researchers.

When recharges are due

The 15th day of each month.

How partial months are billed

Partial months of use are pro-rated by rounding up to the next week. (I.e., using space for 10 days would result in a charge for two weeks.)

How the recharge is collected

When requesting greenhouse space, you’ll be asked to provide the four-digit EEMB recharge number assigned to your funding source.

What if I don't have a four-digit EEMB recharge number?

If you don’t yet have a four-digit EEMB recharge number

Have the financial person in the department that administers your funds contact EEMB Accounting (x2427) with 1) your grant's PI name, 2) your grant's "account/fund/sub" numbers, and 3) your project code. You will be assigned a four-digit EEMB recharge number by the EEMB Director of Finance.


Greenhouse Manager

 Space Requests

Submit requests for greenhouse space.

 Monthly Rates

Greenhouse Outdoor Space: $0.40/sqft*

Greenhouse Indoor Bench Space, full service: $0.50/sqft*

Greenhouse Indoor Bench Space, no soil: $0.40/sqft*

*Minimum monthly charge of $5.