• Eye-catching LED grow lights, made possible by UCSB Professor Shuji Nakamura's Nobel Prize-winning invention (the blue LED), use 70% less electricity than conventional grow lights.
  • Thermographic image of person and 2013 Titan Arum bloom, "Chanel". Image courtesy of FLIR (Goleta, CA)
  • Girls, Inc. students help collect pollen from "Chanel's" male flowers for delivery to the Smithsonian Institution. August 2013

Welcome to the Biology Greenhouse!

For over 60 years, the Biology Greenhouse at UCSB has supported the University's Teaching Collection. Today, this collection serves to demonstrate key biological principles to over 2,000 students every year.

This facility provides growing environments in outdoor and indoor settings for research that spans the plant-based disciplines of genetics, physiology, phenology, evolution, and ecology.

The only alpine research greenhouse on the West Coast is located here.

The following individuals and funding agencies have generously helped advance the Biology Greenhouse and its research objectives:

  • The National Science Foundation (Grant OIA-0963547) enabled construction of the Alpine and NSF Research Greenhouses.
  • Dr. A.H. (Barry) and Jeanne Schuyler and The National Science Foundation (Grant OIA-0963547) enabled construction of the Schuyler Greenhouse.
  • The Green Initiative Fund at UCSB provided student-generated funds toward the replacement of 1000-watt conventional grow lights with 300-watt LED grow lights, as well as enabling the installation of solar-powered fans to increase climate control in the original wooden greenhouse.

For their support of educational and research goals at the Biology Greenhouse, the following organizations and individuals are recognized:

  • Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (UCSB)-For sharing expertise, time, and native plant starter materials with undergraduate greenhouse interns
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Santa Barbara, CA)-For sharing expertise and time with undergraduate greenhouse interns
  • FLIR (Goleta, CA)-For sharing expertise, time, and sophisticated thermographic equipment to film the heat emitted by UCSB’s Titan Arum, “Chanel,” during its 2013 bloom
  • Lotusland (Montecito, CA)-For donating teaching materials, and for sharing expertise and time with undergraduate greenhouse interns
  • San Marcos Growers (Santa Barbara, CA)-For donating teaching materials
  • SunGro (CA)-For donating potting materials
  • The Orchid Estate (Santa Barbara, CA)-For donating teaching materials
  • Cal Orchid (Santa Barbara, CA)-For donating teaching materials
  • UCSB Faculty, Staff, Post-Doctoral Associates, and Students (Santa Barbara, CA)-For donating their time to host the public during the 2013 bloom of ‘Chanel’ the Titan Arum
  • Anonymous Community Members-For donating time, expertise, and/or teaching materials to help further the Greenhouse's mission of expanding plant awareness and understanding at UCSB and in the wider Santa Barbara and Goleta communities
  • Anonymous University Greenhouses-For donating teaching materials
  • The United States Botanic Garden-For donating Amorphophallus titanum pollen during the 2013 Titan Arum bloom at UCSB

Are you interested in helping the UCSB Biology Greenhouse thrive?

If so, we look forward to hearing from you!